Voice Group, let’s reach these benchmarks this semester!


  • Demonstrate proper singing posture (Back straight, shoulders down, relaxed neck and jaw, feet under shoulders, relaxed knees)
  • Demonstrate proper breathing techniques (Relaxed neck, jaw and shoulders, breathe deeply without raising shoulders, connect breath to the production of sound)
  • Demonstrate the ability to participate in vocal warmups
  • Demonstrate ability to produce a clear tone with your voice
  • Demonstrate understanding of the difference between chest voice and head voice
  • Dynamics – p, mf, f, etc.


  • Demonstrate understanding of what a pitch is
  • Demonstrate ability to match pitch with another singer (unison)
  • Demonstrate ability to hear an interval and echo sing it back
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Solfege syllables (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do)
  • Demonstrate ability to sing a major scale with and without solfege


  • Demonstrate ability to read and sing whole, half, quarter note rhythm’s and rests
  • Understand and demonstrate ability to follow basic song structure: (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, tag)
  • Name the musical alphabet (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,A,B….)
  • Demonstrate ability to sing a round with a group
  • Demonstrate understanding of basic vocal vocabulary: (Posture, breath support, vowels, consonants, diction, resonance, tone, pitch, melody, lyrics, verse, chorus, bridge, chest voice, head voice, falsetto, interval)


  • Demonstrate ability to sing from memory the lyrics to 3 songs
  • Demonstrate ability to sing from memory the melody to 3 songs


  • Demonstrate comfort and ability in singing into a standing mic, and adjusting stand properly.
  • Perform in at least one seasonal recital.