Holiday Group

Christmas 2017 at Courthouse.jpgWe had a lot of fun this year performing holiday music around the community. At the lighting of the Blanco Courthouse we performed upstairs with Santa Clause! It was so much fun playing Christmas music and watching the kids sit on Santa’s lap. We also enjoyed playing at the Christmas Market days on the square, the Henry House, and at the Red Bud Cafe. Great job to all the students and special thanks to our voice instructor Julie Prejean. (Amy Fenley, Julie Prejean, Cassie Hartman, Keirsten Sauceda, Debi Cash, Julie Mann, Madison Fenley, Trevor McGuire, Suzy Fudge)

Guitar, Bass, Mandolin Instructor Trevor McGuire

Trevor McGuire



Trevor McGuire is as much about music as he is education. Bringing the energy of rock and blues to the discipline of classical guitar, he has made a life out of living and giving the gift of music. Performing in classical duets, trios and ensembles as well as rock bands like Eden’s Debris, Trevor’s greatest musical contribution now comes through his work in Blanco, Texas as owner and administrator of the Hill Country Sound Situation.

Bass and Saxophone Instructor Brad Houser

Brad Houser


An American bass guitar, saxophone and bass clarinet player originally from Dallas, Texas. Brad was a co-founding member of the New Bohemians, later to become known as Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. He also co-founded Critters Buggin (of Seattle, Washington) with fellow New Bohemian Matt Chamberlain and Skerik. houser is credited on many recordings by Austin-based artists such as Aimee Bobruk, OHN and Mastica. He rejoined members of Critters Buggin for Black Frames Solarallergy and for Stampede. In 2006 he reunited with Edie Brickell & New Bohemians to release Stranger Things. In October 2009 the trio released a CD Bewildered Herd. Houser has also co-designed a line of bass guitars with Reverend Guitars named the “Brad Houser 5”. Brad and fellow New Bohemian, Brandon Aly (Drums) recently finished recording their second album with Texas songwriter Bob S. Laughter. The recording is entitled “The River Knows” and will be released in Spring of 2014. To find out more about Brad visit his website at