Curriculum and Tuition

The Hill Country Sound Situation is a collective group of musicians promoting the joy and benefits of music. Owner Trevor McGuire envisioned a music school that would include Blanco County’s best instructors as well as attracting outside talent to bring music to our community. Instructors at the Hill Country Sound Situation provide private and group lessons in a number of instruments as well as other musical outlets including sound engineering. “As a school we strive to provide an excellent education in music to students of all ages and provide music opportunities wherever possible.” -Trevor McGuire


Our curriculum is built on the belief that musicianship is made through; Practice, Private Instruction, Group Instruction, and Solo and Group Performances. Therefore, as a music school we strive to meet these qualifications by providing as many opportunities for students to receive an effective and fun music education.

Summer Tuition

$30- Enrollment to Summer Groups. All groups meet for one hour twice a week. Students may join more than one group.

Fall and Spring Tuition

$30 -Tuition for 1 instrument (includes One 30min private lesson and enrollment in all groups)

$20- Tuition for Second Child (includes One 30min private lesson and enrollment in all groups)

$50- Tuition for 2 instruments (includes Two 30min private lessons and enrollment in all groups)

An invoice for tuition will be emailed at the beginning of each month and will be due on the 10th of the following month. The email will allow parents or students to submit payment by credit card or by PayPal.

For more information contact us at 210-569-9744 or email us at

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