Full Swing in Spring!!

It’s been a big year- we’re getting geared up for a Free Concert at Yett Park on Friday May 11th, starting at 6:30pm, featuring the Sound Situation House Band! This will be followed by our annual Spring Recital on Saturday May 12th, at 1:00pm. It will be two days of great music including performances by the Classical Ensemble, Folk Trio, many upcoming musicians and even a special rendition of Led Zepplin’s Kashmir. Come support the local musicians!fb post sunshine

What We Do.



Music is an American tradition.

Whether they were celebrating a rich harvest, kicking back on a Sunday afternoon, or keeping their fingers warm by a winter fire, many of our ancestors knew how to spend a winter afternoon with family, friends, and timeless tunes.

In that same spirit, you can join us any day of the week at the Sound Situation for a soul-rousing time in the old American way.

Enroll and bring your guitar, vocal chords, or stomping boots to any of our music groups this spring!

Monday 7:00 Master Group

Tuesday 5:00 Voice Group

Wednesday 6:00 Open Jam Group

Thursday 5:30 Classical Ensemble

Introducing: A Violin Teacher Joins HCSS!

Jeanette's Violin Pic

Jeanette Dillard’s first love will always be the violin! Beginning at age 11, Jeanette studied music theory and bowing technique through private lessons throughout grade school. She began to develop her unique style and indomitable ear for harmony after traveling to Latin America. There, Jeanette grew an entirely fresh appreciation and reverence for her craft after learning new songs from different cultures and experiencing the language-breaching power of music. She continued her music education by attending the YMAM (youth with a mission) discipleship training school in Tyler, Texas. 

Motivated by a lifelong love of music, Jeanette has studied and played a wide variety of music styles for violin, voice and guitar. At a young age, she began playing her fiddle with her sisters’ band, the Dillard Sisters, whom continue to perform a for military events, World War II veterans, and living history shows throughout the state. Whether fiddling with friends, joining the worship band at her local church, or composing melodies in her studio, Jeanette continues to sustain her love for the violin in many genres and spotlights.

Jeanette is excited to share both fundamental methods and her personal style with students in the Texas Hill Country. If you are eager to engage with the instrument that has won the hearts of Texans for generations, contact the Hill Country Sound Situation to sign-up for lessons.