Sound Situation Spectacular Spring Recital

DSC_0104On Saturday May 21st, the empty stage at Yett Park was filled with budding musicians performing musical pieces they’d worked hard on with their instructors at The Hill Country Sound Situation.

DSC_0139         A fitting opening – our National Anthem played by Elijah Hanus. (also pictured, Madison Fenley)

DSC_0144Here’s Mitchell Barnett fabulously playing the drums on The Wanderer.

DSC_0148Sophie Haire prepared 3 pieces on piano for this occasion. (Tap Dance, Canoe Song and Seconds, Please)

Mackenzie Topper was absolutely amazing singing Hideaway and You Lead.

DSC_0156                                  Here’s Elizabeth Wheeler playing ukulele and beautifully singing Pacific Blue.

Raylee Ferris playing Yellow Bird and a heartfelt rendition of Happy Birthday for her brother’s special day. (also pictured, Piano Instructor Brenda Matheny)

DSC_0162Devin Deihl’s exceptional performance of Jack Johnson’s Upside Down. (also pictured, Guitar Instructor Trevor McGuire)

DSC_0115Here’s Elijah Hanus being introduced before rocks out on Paint It Black!


An absolutely stunning performance of an original song written, recorded and sung by Maggie Weber. Footsteps.

DSC_0175Emily Moore playing her 2 songs wonderfully!  Pogo Stick and Funny Face.

DSC_0128Mason, the Sound Situation’s super dog enjoying the festivities!

DSC_0135                                              Fantastic Elizabeth Wheeler performing the classic Beatles’ song – Yesterday.

DSC_0191Madison Fenley doing a superb job playing Ferris Wheel and Sonatina in C.

Classical Ensemble – Madison Fenley (not pictured here) Amy Fenley, Suzie Fudge, Julie Mann and Jim Barb perform Haydn, Gluck and Vivaldi. Bravo!

Jazz Group – Amy Fenley (not pictured here) Suzie Fudge, Chad Glass and Julie Prejean doing Miles Davis’ So What. (also pictured, Jazz Instructors Brad Houser and Trevor McGuire. Not pictured, Drum Instructor Brandon Aly)

Guitarists Zach Weber and Landon Oldaker taking the stage by storm! Zach jammed on Highway Star and Landon aced Back In Black.

DSC_0136Here’s Rob Homes and Instructor Trevor McGuire “bringing it on home” with Sent by Angels.  

Julie Mann played banjo (County Roads) and mandolin (Bury Me Beneath the Willow). Jim Barb accompanied her on upright bass, vocals were by Instructors Trevor McGuire and Julie Prejean.

The audience got to hear the Theory Group’s original composition! Madison Fenley, Amy Fenley, and Suzie Fudge.

Amy Fenley excellently performed The Entertainer on piano!

Suzie Fudge was the featured bassist on Night Time is the Right Time. She was accompanied by Amy Fenley, Elijah Hanus, Landon Oldaker with vocals by Instructors Trevor McGuire and Julie Prejean.

Blues Group performed Smoke Stack and Goin’ Down. Amy Fenley, Suzie Fudge, Elijah Hamus, Landon Oldaker, and Mitchell Barnett with vocals by Instructor Trevor McGuire.

And finally, the Rock Group burned down the house with Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady and Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll! Amy Fenley, Suzie Fudge, Elijah Hanus, Landon Oldaker with guitarist Rob Homes and Instructors Trevor McGuire and Julie Prejean.

Fun was had by ALL! Come join us at The Hill Country Sound Situation and discover extraordinary Opportunities Made By Music!





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