Congratulations on a Great Spring Recital!

We had a lot of fun Saturday at the Spring Recital. Thanks to the Blanco Chamber of Commerce for letting us use the stage at Yett Park! Shout out to Amy for BBQ’n up some hot dogs and thanks to Allen for taking pictures.DSCN6105 DSCN6080DSCN6081DSCN6083 DSCN6084DSCN6088 DSCN6090DSCN6093 DSCN6095DSCN6098DSCN6099 DSCN6101DSCN6103DSCN6130 DSCN6128DSCN6125 DSCN6122DSCN6116 DSCN6111DSCN6110DSCN6109DSCN6041 DSCN6039 DSCN6035 DSCN6032 DSCN6030 DSCN6028 DSCN6022 DSCN6016 DSCN6003 DSCN6079 DSCN6067 DSCN6064 DSCN6063 DSCN6060 DSCN6055 DSCN6050 DSCN6048 DSCN6044

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